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Bethesda Recovery – Sober Living

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We are prepared & ready to service your needs.

During this trying time, Bethesda is functional as usual, providing our clients with all requisite safety measures, and the stability & reassurance of our normal treatment programme and addiction professionals.

Recovery Vision for 2020

With Covid-19 & the Economic crash of 2020, came the increase in need for affordable, reputable and proven care for individuals and families who are also suffering because of Chemical Dependency and the curse of Relapse.

Having operated for 15-years as a registered treatment clinic, Colin & Deanna Garnett, with the core members of their team of addiction specialists, found themselves left with a very simple decision to make; ‘we need to change with the times, and it’s time for something new’

Bethesda Sober Living

51 Longships Drive Plettenberg Bay

After 15-years as an internationally sought-after addictions treatment clinic, our much-loved and highly respected facility has transformed into ‘Bethesda Sober Living’.

Located in Plettenberg Bay on the glorious Garden Route, Bethesda Sober Living offers:

  • Affordable long-term accommodation in a supportive and recovery-oriented environment.
  • An opportunity to begin or enhance ‘Independent Recovery Development’ through personal application of the principles within the 12-Step Recovery Programme.

Fees Include

  • Comfortable accommodation, including:
    • Two single ensuite rooms (1st floor)
    • One double-room with separate bathroom (1st floor)
    • One double ensuite room (ground floor)
    • One single room with separate bathroom (ground floor)
    • One 5-bed ensuite dormitory (ground floor)
  • Breakfast cereals (self-service) & evening meal provided
  • Large swimming pool & braai area, lush wrap-around garden and roof-top chill-out zone
  • TV’s, DSTV (satellite television) & Wifi
  • Off-street secure parking with access control
  • Weekly bed linen change
  • Regular housekeeping of communal spaces
  • Weekly community group facilitated by Bethesda Sober Living facilitators
  • Conference Room – 12 Step Recovery Meeting Room

Fees Exclude

  • Electricity (pay-as-you-go meter shared amongst residents)
  • Personal laundry (shared loads, disciplined weight)
  • Medical expenses and medication
  • Transport
  • In-house Counselling (all clients must find an external recovery sponsor)
  • Counsellors, psychologists and/or psychiatrists are available on request at own expense

Admission Criteria

  • Residents must be capable of independent living and psychiatrically stable
  • Admission to Bethesda Sober Living will be subject to assessment
  • Admissions are restricted to people in recovery
  • Re-admission after a relapse is by re-application and at the discretion of the House Manager and the Community Members
  • Admissions must provide a negative Covid-19 test, unless direct admission from another facility

Rules & Expectations

  • Residents are expected to be sober and working a recovery programme.
  • Residents are expected to comply with the House Rules & Guidelines.
  • No alcohol or drug use on or off the premises.
  • Relapse is grounds for an immediate discharge with no refund.
  • No intimate relationships with other residents.
  • No visitors to sleep over.
  • Must attend the weekly community meeting.
  • Responsible for personal living space and hygiene.
  • Curfew 01:00 latest.


  • Fees are payable on or prior to admission (bank transfer).
  • One month refundable “damage” deposit with the first month payment.
  • A one month notice of intention to vacate must be provided.
  • The full fee rate will apply for any prolonged absence, unless notice is given.
  • Early termination of stay attracts no refund for that month, irrespective of the reason for the early departure.
  • All ancillary costs – medical, counselling, transport etc are borne by resident
  • A rental agreement must be signed on admission.

Please Note

  • No counselling
  • Minimal catering (evening meal only)
  • No surveillance
  • No restriction on movement (except by current lockdown regulations) and curfew
  • No nuisance behaviour
Contact Details

Intakes: Colin Garnett – 079 888 3698

Fees: Deanna Garnett – deanna@bethesda4recovery.com

Accommodation Availability: Jon Stewart – john@bethesda4recovery.com

“This is a Game Changer … ”
E-hab B4 Rehab
Trade Mark and Intellectual Property Rights | Colin Garnett | (2014) | All Rights Reserved

Colin and Deanna Garnett’s ‘Bethesda’s Residential Treatment Program’ founded in 2005 has become an extremely successful and Internationally sought after Clinic for all types of addiction treatment.
However, because not everyone can make it to their facility, in his ‘spare time’ Colin has continued his war on addictions and would now like to offer you the opportunity to download their very successful program onto your computer or phone and use it as your own Valley of Addiction Home Help Intervention Program.
From an idea born in 2003, as of May 1st 2018, Colin now delivers Private Clinical Treatment to every level of society, no matter your class or income bracket.

Take a look at www.ehabb4rehab.co.uk – at last, something not too good to be true.

What is substance abuse?

Substance abuse is consistent, patterned use of a particular substance which causes harm to the user themselves and/or others such as family and friends. These substances are most often not used for medical reasons although in some cases the abuse can begin in this manner.
Substances most associated with substance abuse include alcohol, amphetamines (meth/tik), barbiturates (sedative and sleeping pills), cocaine, methaqualone (mandrax) and opioids (painkillers such as morphine). Many of these substances are considered illegal.

Abuse of these substances mostly leads to physical, psychological and social harm. Not only this, but substance abusers are more likely to face a criminal penalty as they can be involved in further criminal activity whilst under the influence of the particular substance. Substance abuse also takes a considerable toll on the user’s family and friends, who suffer as a result.

Substance abuse in South Africa

The current socio-economic transitional state of South Africa has unfortunately allowed substance abuse to flourish. There has been a swift decline in cultural and family values as well as high rates of unemployment, which have greatly contributed to the rate of substance abuse. This is particularly true amongst unemployed youngsters seeking an outlet or escape. The addition of cheap “hybrid” drugs such as whoonga/nyaope (a mixture of marijuana, heroin and antiretrovirals) to the South African market has only added fuel to the fire. Here are a few scary statistics.

  • Substance abuse in South Africa is twice the rate of the world norm
  • 15% of South Africa’s population has a substance abuse problem
  • Nationally, 60% of crimes are drug-related

The increased number of South African drug mules that have made international news recently have highlighted this drug problem. This puts South Africa under the spotlight for drug abuse and exportation, with detrimental consequences.


  • The most important thing i learned is that ” right is right and wrong is wrong”. It is that simple!!!!
    From the people that comes to clean the house to the owner, are very friendly and honest. I am so glad i have had an other chance in life and i want to thank all the members of Bethesda for this opportunity.
    God bless you all.
    Geoffrey Dhérissart
  • Bethesda was the only facility in the garden route willing and able to help me with my addiction. My eating disorder had me on my knees asking for help and Colin willingly opened the doors for me to start recovery. I am so grateful for your help…it’s now almost 2 months clean! I never thought I would be able to say those words! Thanks to an amazing team!
    Michele Le Roux
  • All the staff are very professional and experienced with addictions. Bethesda changed my life and my way of thinking about my addiction. I will forever be grateful.
    Darren Tibshraeny
  • Bethesda is a life changing experience!
    Colin and his team are awesome! I have been clean for two months. This would not have been possible without Bethesda! I am grateful to them for everything they have done and still do for me.
    Craig Morton

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