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Bethesda Drug Rehabilitation Centre 

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During this trying time, Bethesda is functional as usual, providing our clients with all requisite safety measures, and the stability & reassurance of our normal treatment programme and addiction professionals.

Bethesda’s 2020 Vision
Our vision for client and family satisfaction moving forward.

As we enter into the 2020s and look back over 15-years of therapeutic operations, we have a wide range of lows, highs and growth to learn from. The gift of hindsight brings into focus a 20-20 vision for our 2020’s. We set sail with a rejuvenated crew and a new charter.

Bethesda Addictions Treatment Centre:

We are an exclusive, private yet affordable Drug Rehabilitation Centre situated in Plettenberg Bay on South Africa’s beautiful Garden Route. We provide a holistic drug rehab programme for people around the world who suffer from substance addiction. Our residential treatment programme incorporates proven helpful life lessons applicable to both our clients and their families. In this way, the addiction is treated and a stable foundation is laid for successful ongoing rehabilitation and recovery, with reliable relapse prevention and accountability. Bethesda is unique by virtue of its first-class quality, realistic fees, on-going aftercare programmes

What sets us apart from other Rehabilitation Centres in South Africa?

The bond between this team of ex-addicts, starting in 2001, has progressively matured into an in-depth list of ‘therapy-related’ Bachelor Degrees, Diplomas and Clinical Qualifications. Our unique balance of Personal, Spiritual and Psychological treatment, with a vast array of Medical and Psychiatric supervision, is now having an international impact upon addictions and families.

More than just an addiction

Addiction and self-destructive behaviour is often a result of pain and trauma experienced either physically and/or psychologically; thus Bethesda’s approach is to heal the root of the problem in order to move forward and in turn this results in a higher success rate and prevents a relapse.

Bethesda rehab centre specialises in drug addiction rehabilitation and alcohol rehabilitation, we are ready to support you and assist you in getting your life back on track. Give us a call today and let’s start your journey to recovery.

We Treat

Bethesda Drug Rehabilitation Centre currently cater for the following substance abuse treatments. Bethesda Recovery is proudly a leading drug rehab in South Africa.

Accepted Medical Aids

“This is a Game Changer … ”
E-hab B4 Rehab
Trade Mark and Intellectual Property Rights | Colin Garnett | (2014) | All Rights Reserved

Colin and Deanna Garnett’s ‘Bethesda’s Residential Treatment Program’ founded in 2005 has become an extremely successful and Internationally sought after Clinic for all types of addiction treatment.
However, because not everyone can make it to their facility, in his ‘spare time’ Colin has continued his war on addictions and would now like to offer you the opportunity to download their very successful program onto your computer or phone and use it as your own Valley of Addiction Home Help Intervention Program.
From an idea born in 2003, as of May 1st 2018, Colin now delivers Private Clinical Treatment to every level of society, no matter your class or income bracket.

Take a look at www.ehabb4rehab.co.uk – at last, something not too good to be true.


  • The most important thing i learned is that ” right is right and wrong is wrong”. It is that simple!!!!
    From the people that comes to clean the house to the owner, are very friendly and honest. I am so glad i have had an other chance in life and i want to thank all the members of Bethesda for this opportunity.
    God bless you all.
    Geoffrey Dhérissart
  • Bethesda was the only facility in the garden route willing and able to help me with my addiction. My eating disorder had me on my knees asking for help and Colin willingly opened the doors for me to start recovery. I am so grateful for your help…it’s now almost 2 months clean! I never thought I would be able to say those words! Thanks to an amazing team!
    Michele Le Roux
  • All the staff are very professional and experienced with addictions. Bethesda changed my life and my way of thinking about my addiction. I will forever be grateful.
    Darren Tibshraeny
  • Bethesda is a life changing experience!
    Colin and his team are awesome! I have been clean for two months. This would not have been possible without Bethesda! I am grateful to them for everything they have done and still do for me.
    Craig Morton

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Drug Rehabilitation Centre

Bethesda Recovery is one of the leading Drug Rehabilitation Centres in South Africa which aims at enabling patients to cease their substance abuse patterns. This enables them to avoid all of the harmful physical, psychological, social, legal and financial consequences that come with drug addiction. Holistic approaches have proven to be the most effective, and thus Bethesda has taken on this approach wholeheartedly.

What is substance abuse?

Substance abuse is consistent, patterned use of a particular substance which causes harm to the user themselves and/or others such as family and friends. These substances are most often not used for medical reasons although in some cases the abuse can begin in this manner.
Substances most associated with substance abuse include alcohol, amphetamines (meth/tik), barbiturates (sedative and sleeping pills), cocaine, methaqualone (mandrax) and opioids (painkillers such as morphine). Many of these substances are considered illegal.

Abuse of these substances mostly leads to physical, psychological and social harm. Not only this, but substance abusers are more likely to face a criminal penalty as they can be involved in further criminal activity whilst under the influence of the particular substance. Substance abuse also takes a considerable toll on the user’s family and friends, who suffer as a result.

Substance abuse in South Africa

The current socio-economic transitional state of South Africa has unfortunately allowed substance abuse to flourish. There has been a swift decline in cultural and family values as well as high rates of unemployment, which have greatly contributed to the rate of substance abuse. This is particularly true amongst unemployed youngsters seeking an outlet or escape. The addition of cheap “hybrid” drugs such as whoonga/nyaope (a mixture of marijuana, heroin and antiretrovirals) to the South African market has only added fuel to the fire. Here are a few scary statistics.

  • Substance abuse in South Africa is twice the rate of the world norm
  • 15% of South Africa’s population has a substance abuse problem
  • Nationally, 60% of crimes are drug-related

The increased number of South African drug mules that have made international news recently have highlighted this drug problem. This puts South Africa under the spotlight for drug abuse and exportation, with detrimental consequences.

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