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Bethesda Drug Rehabilitation Centre

Bethesda Recovery is a South African Drug Rehabilitation Centre located in Plettenberg Bay, we aim to provide a holistic drug rehab programme for those with substance abuse issues. This incorporates proven helpful life lessons to be applied by both family and residents during the actual addiction treatment programme in order to make a smooth transition. In this way, not only is the addiction treated but a stable foundation is laid for a successful ongoing rehabilitation. For their successful graduates, Bethesda Recovery also offers 12 months ongoing outpatient aftercare and, if necessary, relapse rescue. What sets Bethesda Recovery apart from all the other Drug rehabilitation centres is its competitive rates and the unique depths of counseling experience from a team that has worked together for over 14 years. Our passionate and experienced addiction specialists maintain a family driven focus offering weekly reports on their loved ones progress and guidance for the road ahead.

drug rehabilitation centre

Bethesda Recovery works closely with all the major medical aids, assisting you with the best addiction treatment possible. Phone Bethesda today and allow us the pleasure of guiding you into a future of recovery and sobriety. Our addiction trained specialists are waiting for your call..

Drug Rehabilitation Centres

Bethesda Recovery, one of the leading Drug Rehabilitation Centres in South Africa which aims at enabling patients to cease their substance abuse patterns in order to avoid all of the harmful physical, psychological, social, legal and financial consequences that come with it. Holistic approaches are most effective.

What is substance abuse?

Substance abuse is the consistent patterned use of a particular substance which causes harm to the user themselves and/or others such as family and friends. These substances are most often not used for medical reasons although in some cases the abuse can begin in this manner.

Substances most associated with substance abuse include alcohol, amphetamines (meth/tik), barbiturates (sedative and sleeping pills), cocaine, methaqualone (mandrax) and opioids (painkillers such as morphine).

Abuse of these substances mostly leads to physical, psychological and social harm. Not only this, but substance abusers are more likely to face criminal penalty as they can be involved in further criminal activity whilst under the influence of the particular substance.

Substance abuse in South Africa

The current socio-economic transitional state of South Africa has allowed substance abuse to flourish. There has been a swift decline in cultural and family values as well as high rates of unemployment which have particularly contributed to substance abuse. This is particularly true amongst youngsters seeking an outlet or escape. Cheap “hybrid” drugs such as whoonga/nyaope (mixture of marijuana, heroin and antiretrovirals) have only added fuel to the fire. Here are a few scary statistics.

  • Substance abuse in South Africa is twice the world norm
  • 15% of South Africa’s population has a substance abuse problem
  • Nationally, 60% of crimes are drug related

The increased number of South African drug mules that have made international news recently has highlighted this drug problem.