Negative consequences of sex addiction

Unhealthy sexual thoughts, feelings and behaviors can lead to pain and negative or self-destructive consequences for the sex addict. In fact, sexual addiction can get in the way of the many benefits that healthy sexual relationships have to offer: intimacy, respect, nurturing, support, peace and self-enhancement. But how can you identify signs of sexual addiction? And how do you know if you or a loved one are a sex addict?

Sexual addiction is progressive
Many different kinds of sexual activities are red flags for sexual addiction. Sex addicts can be involved in a wide variety of practices and many have trouble with just one behavior or with many. Furthermore, sexual addiction can be progressive, meaning that a sex addict starts with one behavior (masturbation) but over time eventually engages in increasingly dangerous activities (sex in public, masochistic or sadistic sex, multiple partners, etc.).  Although the following list is not complete, it helps give you a guide of what to look for.

1. Avoiding emotional involvement in sexual relationships (wanting to get away from a sex partner right after sex)
2. Having multiple sexual partners, anonymous partners, prostitutes, with someone you do not care about or extramarital affairs
3. Using euphoric recall while being sexual
4. Sexually acting out against your values
5. Frequent use of pornographic materials
6. Using phone and internet sex services
7. Excessive masturbation
8. Fixating on an unattainable sex partner
9. Practicing masochistic or sadistic sex
10. Practicing exhibitionism (indecent exposure)

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