Primarily Bethesda is a unit for men and women coming out of addiction, but listen to a testimony from the leader of a Drug Crisis Office:

“Hi, my name is John, I am 40 years old and in April of 2005, I will be 7 years “sober” following 20 years of active addiction. For five years of the seven, I have been in full time Christian ministry, with two in a leadership position. Now I can see that I found ministry to be a wonderful hiding place. I took care of everyone else’s problems and ignored my own. I can talk about recovery and about having a relationship with God, but my actual walk leaves a great deal to be desired. I recently burned out and booked myself into Bethesda. I know Colin and there is just no hiding place here. I have been on full programme here and in just 14 days I have experienced life-changing revelations about my life and the need for healing. The deepest and most damaged parts of my soul have come under immense healing. I have been brought back to the foot of the Cross of Christ”.

6 weeks later

In a word – transformed! I never imagined how much or how profoundly my life could change in such a short space of time. I arrived at Bethesda full of confusion.

I have been allowed the time and space to face my biggest fear, ‘what people thought of me’. I’ve actually come to terms with who I am and have finally been able to put the ‘old man’ away. Although I had not been using illegal substances, I had actually been ab-using my prescribed medication. Colin has helped me see that it is actually a relapse and I have been able to take responsibility for it.

Working closely with Colin and Craig I have learnt and grown more in six weeks than in the last six years. I do not have the words to express how grateful I am towards Colin for intervening in my life. For months he was on my case and initially I dismissed what he was saying, but the urgency in his tone and manner as well as his persistence got through to me and I came to Bethesda and it has changed my life forever. Seven years ago I put down drugs and turned away from the gangs. However I carried much of my old behaviour and attitude into my new life. Working with Colin I have been able to identify areas in my thinking, behaviour and attitude that need to change. As a result of this search I have experienced a major change of attitude. I feel that, for the first time, I am standing in the light and that a massive weight has been lifted from me, and that I am now more qualified to minister to others than at any other period of my life. Not because of who I am or who I am trying to be, but because of what God has done in me.