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Cocaine Rehabilitation Centre

Cocaine Rehabilitation is a challenging process. The psychological addiction to Cocaine is very powerful, the user has a deep relationship with the drug because of the “pay off”. People often seem confident and powerful when using cocaine. This also makes cocaine a drug that’s prominent in all walks of life, from the dealer on the streets to the on-the-go marketers looking to sell, sell, sell!

The challenge we face at Bethesda is trying to see why people don’t feel confident and self-assured without the drug and from there we have a starting point for change.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

If you have the belief that you have a cocaine addiction, we have some news for you. There is no such thing as a cocaine addict – cocaine is just another vulture pecking away at your dying life.

This statement may come off as accusatory or inflammatory but consider this; during the 1970s there was a study undertaken by the name of Rat Park. Basically, there were two rat cages. Cage A as we will call it, housed a single rat with no toys, friends, bedding or other activities to keep him busy/socialised. The other cage, Cage B, had plenty of rats, with toys, fluffy bedding and activities to keep themselves occupied, and with lots of company. Both cages A and B had two water dispensers. In each cage; the one dispenser was filled with plain tap water, the other was filled with a water and morphine solution.

All rats in Cages A and B were allowed to drink from whichever bottle they liked. All the rats tried the morphine solution at least once. But, the lonely rat in Cage A always drank from the morphine bottle. The socialised, active rats in Cage B only seldomly drank from the morphine bottles and favored the tap water bottle. They showed a marked resistance to the morphine.

This study is amazing in itself. It indicates that it’s not the drug that makes the addict, but the lifestyle and circumstances that trigger addiction. Boredom, loneliness, frustration, anxiety, laziness and dissatisfaction are the triggers that cause addiction. It takes some introspective on the addicts part to realise where their dissatisfaction or inauthenticity lies in their life.

Again, Cocaine Addiction Rehabilitation is not actually about the drug, it’s about the quality of life. If it was everyone who tries cocaine would become addicted, and as the Rat test suggestions, not everyone does. At Bethesda, we assess what the underlying problem to your addiction might be and come up with an extensive cocaine treatment plan for long term cocaine recovery.

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