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Depression Treatment Centre

Depression is part of the recovery process. Most people find themselves in a grieving process when they first stop using drugs. Depression Rehabilitation means we focus on the depression during a part of your stay with us at Bethesda. Clinical depression is a more challenging problem that we face, which is best treated with a Psychiatrist and medication like anti-depressants. We find that depression often lifts after some time during the recovery process.



Depression Treatment

The nature of depression can either be circumstantial or biological. We often see and treat circumstantial depression, when you look at an addict or alcoholics life it is peppered with destruction, loss and pain. These are but a few symptoms of a life lived incorrectly. We find after clients start to get honest about themselves and about their lives the depression starts to lift. Clinical depression recovery on the other hand usually involves medicinal support, like anti-depressants.

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