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E-hab B4 Rehab™

As Co-founder and Clinical Director of Bethesda, nothing compares to the haunting feeling of sadness every time a mum or a dad phones me for help and I have to apologise for not being able to help them because they do not have enough money. I hate it. I stare at the phone and imagine the despair that the cost of our success is costing desperate people. Let me explain: having worked in some of the world’s most sought-after addiction treatment clinics, the number of people who could not afford our treatment used to really bother me. So when Deanna and I responded to the burden of starting an affordable yet high quality clinic in 2005, in all honesty and without realizing it, we had no idea that it would become an internationally sought-after project and that our reputation would cause us to drift from the very people I was trying to reach.

Before we knew it, we had clients from countries from all around the world.

Legal requirements dictated that we register with the Department of Social Development of South Africa, which we did, which in turn qualified us to work through people’s Medical Aid Programs, which then meant we had to charge in accordance with the amounts set out by the various Medical Aid Schemes, and that, therefore, once again meant losing touch with millions of less fortunate people.

Almost ten years on, and now with over 20-years clinical experience, I have found a position where I can now return to the original burden of reaching and helping people who cannot always afford the type of clinic that we have actually turned into.

I want to introduce you to E-hab B4 Rehab™ – a Home Help Addiction Intervention Program.

E-hab B4 Rehab is already receiving tear-jerking feedback from all over the world. Families are getting inside information about the problems of their loved ones and starting to see that there is help, there is hope.

If you are in that terrible place of having had the majority of your finances eaten away by the demands and manipulations of a substance abuser in the family, I want to bring my extremely successful Trade Mark treatment approach Valley of Addiction© in to your life.  It’s open, it’s yours – containing addiction treatment orientated lectures, assignments, insights, reminders, audio lectures and challenges which have taken my company, Bethesda Addictions Treatment Centre, to international recognition status.

You stay right where you are. Let me come to you.

E-hab B4 Rehab™ is the perfect aid for:

  • Turning relapse back into recovery
  • Assessing exactly how serious a substance abuse problem is
  • Stabilizing students in their inevitable struggle against the allure of substance abuse at the most critical stage of their life.
  • Educating and empowering families to create a new normal for everyone
  • Educating and preparing suffering addicts with what to look for if they do still need treatment
  • Educating and empowering small groups in the approach to substance abuse within their friends, Churches and/or their communities
  • Referral source for the best treatment centres and Eating Disorder Specialists in Belgium, Scotland, Cape Town and Plettenberg Bay
  • Qualify travellers of The Valley of Addiction to 50% discount on the cost of various Addiction related Psychology courses
Colin Garnett. BA Applied Theology: Registered Addictions Specialist: Registered Clinical Supervisor: Dip. Addiction Psychology: Dip. Child Psychology.