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Bethesda Residential Sobriety is such a safe environment and all the staff are highly qualified and masters in the field of recovering from addictions. I’m grateful for the changes they have made in my Fiancés life and if it had not been for their help and guidance, I would have lost my future wife.

MLS (Gauteng)

Bethesda steered my hopelessly addicted daughter into over 8 years of recovery from addiction so far – this has restored an utterly broken family into a family unit which is now stronger than it ever was – forever grateful!!

Veronica xxx (Cape Town)

Going to Colin at Bethesda opened my eyes to the fact that addiction can apply to anything; to status, sugar, pornography, internet, gaming.  I was treated as if I had a ‘soul sickness,’ and I was helped to see that I was avoiding an inherent emptiness and unease that I was habitually (and, in some cases, destructively) seeking to subdue.

Should you wish to fill the void with something more substantial than crack cocaine or credit cards, then Colin’s passion for what he believes will certainly give you a new perspective to consider. Having had personal experience of his views on addiction and recovery, I suggest his words (and the delivery style) may not always be comfortable to hear; but you will experience an authenticity, passion, and satiety from Colin’s words that no academic literature or ‘just say no’ school campaigns can ever hope to achieve. His knowledge on the subject always carried more weight because of his honest disclosure of his own past, addiction, recovery, and family.

A.W. (Cape Town)

Colin is really honest about what he sees in his clients and I found him to be really strong when it came to pointing out the changes that I needed to make if I seriously wanted to have a shot at recovery. It all got quite hostile from time to time but I slowly started to take his suggestions and it broke through my denial keeping me sick.

During one of my last power struggles with him, Colin actually acknowledged that he gave in with me and if I wanted to fight for the right to die in addiction, well then he must respect that. He asked me to then leave with a really sad look on his face; that struck me, I really had to take a look at my attitude and  I said ‘no I’m not leaving, I need help’ and thankfully he could see that I wanted to stay. From then on, together, we got through my resistance and worked on my issues.

M.M. (Johannesburg)

I arrived at Bethesda in December 2011. I was scared and broken. Collin met me at the airport with a kind smile. It was that moment that I knew we would get along. Bethesda was my 11th rehab and for that reason I didn’t have any hope.

I didn’t want to be there and I clearly showed it. After lengthy resistance to anything anyone wanted to say to me, something in me changed. What, I do not know to this day. This place was different. Collin and my counsellor John’s approached addiction in a different way. There was a real sense of understanding, support, and discipline. Bethesda is a gift; it really is a special place that has given me freedom. I grew so much! I went in there a young heroin addict that had given up on life, today I am an independent young lady who is taking on life as I had always dreamed of.

T.H. (England)

My experience at Bethesda not only saved my life but it changed my life. As an obsessive, manipulative, psycho analytical, self-deceptive intellectual, I managed to manipulate doctors, psychiatrists, neuropsychiatrists and mostly myself that I was not an addict. Colin saw right through me and pointed out how I enjoyed all the labels because whilst they kept me as the center of attention, which I craved, they took people’s attentions away from the addiction. Two months in to the program and these guys broke through my complex denial system and helped me to see myself for who I am, and gave me the tools to be able to face the world and not only survive, but to thrive.

L. Z. S. (Cape Town)

When Colin met me at the airport, I came off the plane absolutely trashed. Within minutes I was telling him how successful I was and exactly how I wanted to be treated. He listened for the first 45 minutes of the journey from the airport and then he just said “how many times have you woken up next to a guy whose name you did not know”? I was devastated; ‘how could he’! I went on the offensive but found myself being met by a very aggressive ‘get honest and get honest now or go back home’ – I told him how ‘I do not have to put up with this’. Colin just turned the car around and started taking me back to the airport. After 10 minutes of me pleading with him not to abandon me he pulled over and insisted that I answer his question. I just burst into tears and had to tell him that I woke up that morning with a stranger in my bed. He just smiled and said, ‘okay, I can work with you now’. My life changed.

L.M. (London)

I was at the end; lost, lonely, scared, angry, and hopeless. It was very difficult in the beginning. I had no idea and no hope that I could get out of the nightmare. Colin has been with me every step of my journey through Bethesda and beyond, sometimes in my face, sometimes in the far background, but I know he is there, even today.

Colin and I do not always see eye to eye, but one thing I know for sure is that he will not allow personality differences come between principle of growth and he has my recovery at heart. There were times that I did not understand his methods, but as I now continue my journey in recovery, I do understand and accept why the things he said to me and tough approach were in my best interest.

Colin, and his professional team at Bethesda, are compassionate, understanding, supportive and dedicated, but most of all they are realists, never candy flossing the reality of my addiction and the work required, by me, to have a life worth living and one that’s so much better that it ever was.

M.L.R. (Johannesburg)

Bethesda gave me the courage and on-going support to face myself and my past, relinquish my deepest fears and secrets, thus guiding me to a life of recovery, freedom, faith, hope and serenity.

T.B. (England)

The insight and understanding Colin has about addicts and alcoholics is exceptional; he knows the symptoms and the best ways of dealing with them, according to the type or personality in front of him. I am a professional soldier I have to do the right thing at the right time and under the right circumstances or people could die ,Colin takes exactly the same approach to the treatment at his treatment centre .

H.M. (South African Armed Forces)

I’m so glad that you are taking the Bethesda influence to an international level, it sounds so right. After being at Bethesda I am a completely changed person. Colin is a real inspiration to me and the more he made me angry the more I grew to like him. He is just so honest, I have never met anyone who is so straight forward all the time.

When I first arrived at Bethesda I hid my phone for the first few weeks, thinking that Collin did not know. He knew. He just let me ‘get away with it’ to show me how nice it is to go free from secrets when he eventually called me out on it, but never once judged me. I honestly I believe that he is blessed. I made notes in most of Collins lectures and till today I still use them. He also has a very special talent of leaving his listeners entertained and wanting more, yet feeding you with very challenging information.

M.V.E. (Gauteng)

I can honestly say that I may be one of the most grateful alcoholic/addicts you will find after many years of alcoholism and addictions, various rehabs and another failed suicide attempt I ended up with Colin at Bethesda. Colin and his team have created an environment in which I realized so much.
I am not going to lie and tell you my life is only moonshine and roses now, in fact, it is not, but almost three years later I can comfortably say that my addiction has never resurfaced.  I have a wife I love and kids I adore and for the first time I am a husband and father.

J.B. (Botswana)

I came to Bethesda, with a big attitude, problem with authority, grandiosity and a colossal sense of entitlement. I honestly thought I was a gangster princess, but I was critically addicted to crystal meth. I was met by a welcomiing smile from Colin Garnett whom I immediately knew could see straight through me. Every time he spoke to me he spoke right into my soul, and even though it was scary at first, for the first time, I felt safe being transparent.  I was very wary of this man because he knew my addiction. He knew it well and challenged me on it, hurting me out of my denial, making me look at myself, and my addiction for what it really was. I naturally resisted to begin with but Colin just lashed me relentlessly about my addiction and challenging my every thought. I ended up reduced to a crying, raging mess in my dorm room, but then things just went ‘Click’…. From then, he started to show me how to develop the exactly right type of character skills that I was going to need to deal with and live my life without the use of drugs. I see now that it was all done with love and a whatever- it- takes effort to help me out of my mess.   This man has taught me so many things that I will be forever thankful for.

T. (Cape Town)

I come from Holland and Colin flew up to meet me at Johannesburg airport to ensure that I got to Bethesda safely. This really touched me because it showed me how sincere this man was. I really started to like him and to connect with him, until we got in his car on the trip from the airport in George. He explained what his role was, and I will never forget what he said; “my role is to invade your comfort zone and disturb your feelings, beliefs and attitudes” – and that’s exactly what he did, but the whole team kept me stable and saw me through the whole time, it was the most amazing experience”

J.V.W. (Amsterdam)

Describe Colin? He simply delivers crystal clear logic yet seasons it with this amazing Scripture based faith, I am left convinced that this combination will change the world one day. I’ve been clean since meeting him!

Young Josh C (England)

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