From point of admission, clients are steered towards taking responsibility for the relational damages behind them and the financial chaos brought on by their addictive lifestyle. We assist each client to recognize the need for building an Amends Programme into their recovery plan. This includes what has to be a mutually agreeable, realistic, financial reimbursement outline for treatment expenses incurred by the family.


Marriages are inevitably strained by the time an addiction has been arrested and the addict is in a treatment centre. Unresolved marital conflicts can all too often create a relapse environment, therefore Bethesda’s Clinical Director offers the opportunity for every injured spouse to be included in the programme and, where necessary, receive Marriage Counselling. Married clients who graduate to our extended care facility can invite their spouse into the facility for up to a week for relationship healing courses in The Boundaries in Marriage Series. All families of Bethesda clients will be offered post-traumatic stress counselling where needed, and practical help with the opportunity to attend our Post-therapy Conflict Awareness Lecture before their loved one returns home.

Early Recovery Conflict Management

The journey between active destructive addiction, expensive clinical treatment, early recovery and consistent social stability, is fraught with Family and Relationship Conflict. It’s the one guarantee that very few programmes warn you about or prepare you for.

An integral component of the treatment programme at The Bethesda Recovery Homes is our practical and understandable ‘Conflict Awareness, Management, Resolution & Change’ seminars. Our aim is to equip our clients with relationship awareness and developmental responsibility so that they can return home and take 80% of the responsibility for creating a new normal for everyone around them.

Conflict is the energy which can both tear families apart and/or draw them closer to each other and it is this dual potential within each of us that The Bethesda Recovery Homes introduces clients and their loved ones to.

Individual relational empowerment is the seedbed of transformation in individuals, couples, families and ultimately out into our societies, and the addict or the alcoholic, who once sat central to everyone’s concerns and chaos, now becomes the person everyone wanted them to be.

To achieve the best and long lasting results from Bethesda’s Family Focus we invite you to attend outFamily Education Days where we can all sit together and learn about how to develop relational growth. Here’s an example of what our Family Edication Day can offer your family:

Lectures on:

  • Signs and Symptoms of Relapse
  • Laws of Boundaries
  • Boundaries in Marriage
  • Relapse and Conflict Awareness
  • Signs of Conflict
  • Degrees of Conflict
  • Styles of Conflict
  • Management of Conflict
  • Turning conflict into growth

At The Bethesda Drug Rehab Centre, our Conflict Awareness, Management, Resolution & Change seminars call each individual to examine and then embrace how they have been contributing to the confusion around them.

It is a world-wide phenomenon that the majority of relapses back into active addiction take place because of Relationship Chaos, and basically, we believe, it all boils down to people not knowing how to disagree without actually falling out with each other.