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Heroin Rehabilitation Centre

We at Bethesda Rehabilitation Centre believe in a total abstinence program of heroin recovery. We find that harm reduction medications are useful during the detox phase of heroin treatment but long term use can lead to relapse or abuse of the heroin treatment medication. Further more we find that the sooner people can detox from heroin, the sooner they can start the actual heroin rehabilitation process. We have a long history of dealing with addictions of all kinds, heroin being one of them. Recovery from Heroin addiction is possible.



Heroin Detoxification

Heroin detox poses some challenging aspects. Firstly heroin is a physically addictive drug meaning that the abuser will have  withdrawals when the usage is suddenly stopped. Secondly, there is also a psychological addiction to the drug, where the person will have obsessive thoughts about using the drug.

Physical withdrawal can include:

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