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Marijuana Addiction Treatment Centre

Many people think that Marijuana is not a drug because it is a plant. The active chemical THC is a potent mood and mind-altering substance. Cases have been reported of major psychological problems such as Schizophrenia or drug-induced psychosis due to excessive use of this drug. We have an understanding of the struggles that people face who think that Marijuana Addiction is a myth. We also have the experience to know that it is as serious an addiction as any other drug or behavior. 


Marijuana Addiction Recovery

Addiction to Marijuana is no laughing matter. Some may find they need Marijuana to get through their day or will need it to ‘loosen up’ at social gatherings. Often an underlying anxiety, fear or other negative emotion will encourage the use of Marijuana, which will bring about sensations of apathy, laziness, or relief. Especially for the youth, this substance abuse can be a catastrophic detriment to their studies or career progression, as it alters the state of mind and ability to work/concentrate.

If you or a loved one suffers from Marijuana dependency, acceptance is the first step to fighting addiction, and a Marijuana addiction is taken as seriously as any other addiction here at Bethesda.


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