Through our using we came to believe falsely that we were self-sufficient; that we didn’t need anyone else, we couldn’t stand anyone else as long as we had our drugs. Through this thinking, our interpersonal skills and abilities to communicate with others were put on hold and very possibly damaged. We were not designed to live in isolation, yet this is where addiction takes each one of us. Coming into recovery we need to un-learn these self-sufficient survival skills we taught ourselves in our addiction and learn healthy interpersonal skills in order to communicate in healthy ways with other healthy individuals. At first it is daunting to allow ourselves to become vulnerable around others; and we need to start deciphering what and who is safe, and what and who is not. We will make mistakes which are all part of our journey,remembering that learning from our mistakes is how we grow; and that believing with the help of our Higher Power that it is possible, we slowly learn how to build our skills and healthy relationships with others.


-guest blog