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New World Addiction Recovery

‘Twin Rivers Rehab & Bethesda Retreat Join Forces’

Colin Garnett-BA.Th; Dip.Addiction & Child Psych

 David Briskham-HND-IC&RC-uk-FDAP-BAPSA


The Times They Are A-Changing

The COVID-19 pandemic has created opportunities for addiction and mental health professionals everywhere, creating time and space so they can take stock of their programmes, systems, staffing, and appraise their success and personal journey so far.

David and Colin have known each other for many years, and both successfully built reputable, licensed residential treatment centres in Plettenberg Bay-South Africa assisting clients suffering from addiction and mental health issues from many different countries.

COVID-19 came to South Africa forcing Colin and David to close their treatment centres in March 2020. With the rapid financial decline in South Africa it was not realistically possible to operate without International clients!

Colin decided to move into ‘Sober Living’ and David saw an opportunity to restructure his treatment centres approach to recovery. Colin took the initiative to contact David and suggested a meeting which quickly highlighted the need for quality client services and that a collaboration would be of great value to International clients and their families.

About the Directors

David and Colin are both in long-term recovery and have been responsible for helping thousands of addicts and their families over the past 25 years. Both men have skill sets that have successfully built rehabs from the ground up and managed multi-disciplinary teams that facilitated phenomenally successful recovery programmes for people suffering with addiction and mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety.

“Primary care is a specialised undertaking that Twin Rivers takes very seriously. Twin Rivers has developed a premier programme that is flexible enough to meet the emotional needs of vulnerable clients who require individual attention and direction”

David Briskham

“Bethesda Retreat will facilitate a transitional phase that compliments Twin Rivers approach and prepares clients for returning home. An opportunity to explore and amend expectations-further self-development and gain deeper insight into the 12-step programme”

Colin Garnett

What Makes This Collaboration Special?

  • The ‘New World Addiction Recovery’ was born through adversity due to the global pandemic which is reflected in the programmes name!
  • Plettenberg Bay is located on the ‘Garden Route’ in South Africa. Twin Rivers Rehab and Bethesda Retreat are within minutes walking distance of each other and award-winning beaches
  • ‘Primary treatment’ followed by ‘Sober Living’ is not a new concept but usually, these are separate entities with no connection meaning a new programme for the client, different counselor and losing sight of their fellow addicts from primary treatment
  • As Twin Rivers Rehab and Bethesda Retreat are close to one another means that clients and staff will experience a symbiotic relationship thus streamlining and improving efficacy for all clients
  • New World Addiction Recovery Programme integrates important topics such as Codependency and other relapse dynamics
  • All clients will experience an ‘introduction’ assessment at the Bethesda Retreat in advance of completing primary care
  • Clients will still have access to their primary focal counselor whilst resident at Bethesda Retreat

New World Addiction Recovery Programme

‘As the desperate need for professional treatment


The ability for clients to be able to afford residential treatment


‘Millions of people travel to South Africa
for medical and psychological treatment each year-not just because of the beautiful scenery and great weather-
because the savings are just impossible to ignore

There is no shortage of substance abuse-related professionals such as psychiatrists-GPs and psychologists who are becoming increasingly concerned about the quality of treatment available in the UK due to the pandemic, and desperate patients are getting drawn towards ‘quick fix’ 28-day programmes which quite frankly-do not work!

Trauma-based individuals whose lives have become dominated by addictive thinking and behaviors, whether they have attended treatment before or not should attend treatment for a minimum of 3 months. Attending rehab is an investment of time and money for all concerned and so it makes sense to address client addiction and mental health disorders in the most effective way possible in order to promote sustainable recovery outcomes.

Returning Home

All clients will have access to an online recovery programme as well as the opportunity for further residential treatment in the UK or an out-patient aftercare programme. Both Colin and David have a network of colleagues across the UK who will assist clients on their return home.


David Briskham – david@twinriversrehab.co.za +27(0)828 633 159 WhatsApp Friendly



Colin Garnett – colin@bethesda4recovery.com+27(0)798 883 698 WhatsApp Friendly



  • ‘Twin Rivers Rehab & Bethesda Retreat have created a process of change through which individuals will experience a totally unique voyage of self-discovery that cannot possibly be matched elsewhere

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