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Prescription Drugs Rehabilitation

Prescription drug addiction is one of the most commonly misdiagnosed addictions. The majority of people say “But the Doctor gave me a script for the medication, so it can’t be that bad!”, but this has nothing to do with the addiction one can feel to their medication. More often than not it hinders the user’s ability to recognise their addiction. Many prescription drugs are also used recreationally, with unsuspecting doctors fueling their patient’s addiction. Some of the most severe and long-lasting detoxes are from certain pharmaceutical drugs like Benzodiazepines



Pharmaceuticals Addiction Treatment

Bethesda Retreat’s trained Addiction Specialists have many years of experience with Pharmaceutical Addiction Treatment in South Africa. We also find that long term treatment from 3 to 6 months is preferable to treat addictions to prescription drugs. We suggest intensive group therapy coupled with a 12 step program on the road to recovery. Aftercare should definitely be on the treatment plan for a pharmaceutical addiction.

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