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Relapse Prevention 

We believe at Bethesda Retreat that Relapse Prevention is the key to long term recovery. We believe that when it comes down to it, a person who has gone through our extensive relapse prevention workshops will be able to make the right decisions concerning the way forward. The foundation for relapse prevention is awareness as the person gets to know their triggers and cues for using they will be able to pre-empt a possible relapse situation and avoid it altogether.



Relapse Prevention Counselling

The team at Bethesda Retreat prides itself on being up to date on all the latest information surrounding relapse prevention. We host a series of lectures and workshops on relapse prevention and work out for the individual’s treatment plan what strategy would suit them best in moving forward. Early recovery is filled with obstacles and challenges for the clients, we try our best to plan for the worst but we also prepare for the best.


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