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Sober Living 

With the turbulent economy and world health crisis, it’s easy to feel lost, stressed, and overwhelmed, a dangerous place for a recovering addict to be in. It’s equally strenuous on the family and friends, who act as their support systems. If for whatever reason your home is no longer a safe haven for your recovery journey, our newly reformed sober living homes are the perfect environment for continuing your ‘Independent Recovery Development’. It’s a safe, supportive, and recovery-oriented environment in the beautiful locale of Plettenberg Bay, near the coasts and forests of the Garden Route.

Bethesda Retreat is one of the most renowned, affordable sober houses with medium to long term accommodation in South Africa. Our retreat has a recovery orientated focus, giving guests the freedom and security to take on their 12-Step Programs in a calm environment away from stressors and triggers. We also offer support through guidance and advice on finances, relationships, decision making, life-skills, and anything else you might need to tackle a life of sobriety.

Bethesda Retreat – Sober Living Home

Bethesda Retreat is located close to beautiful natural scenery, with a braai, swimming pool and wrap-around garden for guests to make use of. Our accommodation is made up of a selection of private or twin bedrooms with en suite or shared bathrooms depending on your preferences and budget.

Our facility includes conditional use of Satellite Television & Wi-Fi, for Cell Phones and Personal Computers. Should clients wish to venture out, many major attractions and shopping facilities are nearby, just a 5 to 10 minute walk away from our retreat. Excursions and shopping trips are all under the guidance and supervision of trusted Recovery Coaches. Evening meals are provided to guests, along with Addiction & Recovery Counselling on request.

As soon as residents arrive, the emphasis is on developing the recovery lifestyle that they aim to practice from the day they leave.

Sober Living in South Africa

Our accommodation criteria and in-house rules are as follows


  • Residents must be capable of independent living and psychiatrically stable.
  • Admission to Bethesda Retreat will be subject to assessment.
  • Admissions are restricted to people in recovery.
  • Re-admission after a relapse is by re-application and at the discretion of the House Manager and the Community Members.
  • Admissions must provide a negative Covid-19 test, unless direct admission from another facility.


  • Residents are expected to be sober and working a recovery programme.
  • Residents are expected to comply with the House Rules & Guidelines.
  • No alcohol or drug use on or off the premises.
  • Relapse is grounds for immediate discharge with no refund.
  • No intimate relationships with other residents.
  • No visitors to sleep over.
  • Residents must attend the weekly community meeting.
  • Residents are responsible for personal living space and hygiene.
  • Curfew 01:00 latest.


  • Provided on enquiry.
  • Payable on or prior to admission (electronic bank transfer).
  • One month refundable “damage” deposit payable with the first month’s fee payment.
  • The full fee rate will apply for any prolonged absence, unless notice is given.
  • One month’s notice of intention to vacate must be provided.
  • Early termination of stay attracts no refund for that month, irrespective of the reason for the
    early departure.
  • All ancillary costs – medical, private/external counseling, transport etc. are borne by resident.
  • A rental agreement must be signed on admission.


  • Addiction & Recovery Counselling free of charge
  • Clinical and/or Psychiatric Care available at personal cost
  • Lack of personal hygiene cannot be accepted
  • Minimal catering (evening meal only)
  • Minimal surveillance – but in-house accountability is expected
  • Minimal restrictions on movement (except by Government Lockdown regulations)
  • Repetitive antisocial attitudes and behaviours met with low to zero tolerance

As soon as residents arrive, the emphasis is on developing the recovery lifestyle that they aim to practice from the day they leave.

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