‘We were entirely ready to have God removes these defects of character’

Step four and five prepare the field for step six. If we have not done a thorough step four and five then step six becomes useless.
What we get from step four is a list of our character defects. Hopefully from there we will understand that our behaviour stems from our character defects, directly.

My experience with step four and five led to my willingness to change my defects. I knew my character defects opened up the playing field of shame and guilt and all that came with those feelings. Depression, pain and low self-esteem were the most prominent. I also began to understand that if I didn’t want to feel that way again I had to be ready to have those defects removed. I was so desperate to change by the time I got to step six, that it really wasn’t hard to become willing.

The spiritual principals in Step Six is humility and willingness.
By this stage the steps should have worked through arrogance and a sense of entitlement. We approach step six and seven with humility. Defeated by addiction and with an understanding that we are no longer in control (we never were) of our addiction. We have been controlled by the obsession and compulsion to use drugs or to act out in our destructive behaviour patterns.

We will be willing to do whatever it takes to change and that is to remain honest, open and willing. We move forward with the steps, working closely with our sponsor and not forgetting step 3, with the God of your understanding.