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Synthetic Drugs Rehabilitation Centre

Designer drugs or Synthetic Drug Rehabilitation poses some major problems medically, as we can never be sure what to expect during the detox process. When people refer to synthetic drugs, they are talking about the manufacturing process. There are no natural ingredients in the substance, the chemicals are all synthetic. Drugs like MDMA / Ecstasy are very powerful and effect the brain in numerous ways, often leading to depression because of the lack of natural dopamine that the drug causes after prolonged use. This is because Synthetic Drugs tap into the users natural dopamine reserves to give them the high they seek.



Synthetic Drugs Addiction

We at Bethesda Retreat find that long term therapy or long term treatment is advisable in most cases of Synthetic Drug Addiction. The consequences of prolonged use are extensive from clinical depression to damaged organs depending on the chemical that has been used. Furthermore, we suggest involvement in a 12 step fellowship as a continued program of recovery once the client leaves treatment.

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