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12 Step Fellowships and other Support Systems

12 Step fellowship and how it can help you If you understand the fundamental foundation of Step One “We admitted we were powerless over our addiction and that our lives had become unmanageable”, you will understand the need for a dedicated support system. The powerlessness they are referring to in Step One is your lack of willpower in and around substances, or your behavior, typical of a using addict that […]

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How to overcome an addiction

The truth about addictions is that they come in many forms, shapes and sizes. For some, it is alcohol, drugs, sex, work, or relationships. For others, it is a combination of them all. Our addictions in life are similar in that they all take us to a point of excess. In many ways, this excess can derail us and keep us from focusing on the best our life has to […]

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Am I Just an Occasional Heavy Drinker? Or A Real Alcoholic?

Am I an alcoholic? By Bill Manville 08/03/15 -sourced https://www.thefix.com/ My doctor asked me if I’m an alcoholic. I lied. Telling her the truth meant the end of fun. Speaking at a 12-step meeting a few weeks ago I mentioned that old AA standby—that addiction is the only disease that assures you that you’re doing fine. Have one more drink and you’ll feel even better. When it ended, a woman took […]

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My Bethesda Experience

I arrived at Bethesda with a front of false confidence, behind the smile was a broken soul. Doubt reigned over me, so many rehab admissions, and so many failures. The most asked question followed me around, “what’s going to be different this time”? The truth was I didn’t know. What I did know is that, my addiction was not only manifesting itself in drug abuse, it had taken on new […]

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God and Recovery

If you choose to follow a 12 step program or any program with substance, you are going to have to come to terms with the fact that you are not in control. Step One if fully accepted, lived and understood should leave you in a dark corner. Okay, so I’m not in control of my addiction. My obsessiveness and compulsion to use is larger and more powerful than I am. […]

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