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How Do Addicts Make Decisions

By Jeanene Swanson 06/02/15 Learning about the economics of decision-making could mean the difference between relapse and long-term sobriety. Shutterstock Most, if not all, addicts and alcoholics struggle with quitting and staying sober. And many have an equally hard time understanding why. What if would-be recovering addicts and alcoholics knew more about what goes into the making decisions—and how setting and achieving goals, and putting value on rewards, goes wrong in […]

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Self Discipline

From Colin’s drug rehabilitation office: Coming out of an addiction and into a new normal happens in phases. We do not simply put the chemicals down and then find ourselves as a central figure in our perception of what normal really looks like. We come out of the fog of war and into a therapeutic environment, but at that point we are not in recovery, we are in treatment.

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