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Early Recovery Demands

Early Recovery Demands There are a few “suggestions” for people in early recovery. I say suggestions in the same way that it’s a suggestion to pull the cord on a parachute when you jump out of a plane. The first thing to realise is that recovery has to come first. Recovery, recovery and more recovery. So, the question is how we keep recovery at the forefront of our lives when […]

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Surviving the Silly Season

As we fast approach the season of holidays and Christmas time, many people in recovery start to feel the anxiety. A lot of spare time, family reunions, alcohol is usually involved and financial pressure are a few of the stresses that come with this time of year. So the question is: How do we survive silly season? There are a few key points we can look at. Being accountable / […]

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A Vaccine Against Addiction: Miracle or Menace?

Imagine it, a world with no addiction – a world where you can roll up your sleeve, take an injection and not feel compelled to use a particular substance. This is what scientists have been working on for years. Gone are the days when vaccines were just for a handful of childhood diseases. Now researchers are trying to develop new vaccines for different kinds of addictions, heroin, cocaine and even nicotine for people who have tried and failed to quit smoking. and help them live longer.

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Spirituality’s Role in Addiction Recovery

This post written by Anne Meadows Spirituality’s Role in Addiction Recovery Addiction treatment programs focus very much on the biological and scientific explanations behind addiction and proven protocols for how to fix them. PET scans show how dopamine – a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and reward – has large and fast increases in response to drugs and alcohol that mimic those increases seen when people experience pleasure.  Dopamine induced by substances, […]

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Cocaine Rehabilitation

Cocaine Rehabilitation Centre Cocaine Rehabilitation is a challenging process. The psychological addiction to Cocaine is very powerful, the user has a deep relationship with the drug because of the “pay off”. People often seem confident and powerful when using cocaine. This also makes cocaine a drug that’s prominent in all walks of life, from the dealer on the streets to the on-the-go marketers looking to sell, sell, sell! The challenge we […]

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Plettenberg Bay

Bethesda’s Home in Plettenberg Bay From the outset, it has to be emphasised that the entire team at Bethesda Addictions Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre has your freedom from addiction and your growth into recovery at the very heart of our aims and objectives for you. We would not lose one minute’s sleep if all you did was arrive at Bethesda and bury your head into the assignments and the counselling […]

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Drug Rehabilitation Centre

Bethesda Drug Rehabilitation Centre  Bethesda Addictions Treatment Centre: We are an exclusive, private yet affordable Drug Rehabilitation Centre situated in Plettenberg Bay on South Africa’s beautiful Garden Route. We provide a holistic drug rehab programme for people around the world who suffer from substance addiction. Our residential treatment programme incorporates proven helpful life lessons applicable to both our clients and their families. In this way, the addiction is treated and a stable […]

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