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Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no-one is around. Recovery happens in secret. For many years I put up a front when I got out of treatment. Everything was fine and I was now in recovery. How did I know that it wasn’t real ? I was not the same person when I was alone as when I was in public. There were times when I knew that I […]

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Life on Life’s Terms

As we all know life throws out some curve balls. Nothing is to be expected except the unexpected. People pass away, friends leave, plans change. The only constant is that life has its own terms and conditions. I can’t control the way other people are, I can’t change the way life works, I can however change the way I react to life. Being clean has given me the ability to […]

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Plettenberg Bay

Bethesda’s Home in Plettenberg Bay From the outset, it has to be emphasised that the entire team at Bethesda Addictions Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre has your freedom from addiction and your growth into recovery at the very heart of our aims and objectives for you. We would not lose one minute’s sleep if all you did was arrive at Bethesda and bury your head into the assignments and the counselling […]

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