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Recovery Actions have Expiry Dates

Expiry Dates during recovery: Many people come through our treatment centre and believe that the work they put in here is enough and that the work they put in here is going to carry them for the rest of their lives. This is a dangerous myth and one that could lead many to relapse. Like the title states, Actions in recovery have expiry dates and what we mean by this […]

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Maintaining Recovery in early recovery

If you want to maintain recovery and keep running strong, you need to take the same approach a mechanic would take when tuning up a car. But what should you do in order to maintain your recovery successfully? How can you react to the little signs of risk when they appear, and prevent larger damage? How can you cope with life after getting sober? In this article, we explain what […]

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Social Disease

Coming from an emotionally honest, loving and stable background, my 12 years of intravenous heroin addiction with over 6-years in 27 different prisons, confused everyone. Visits from and interviews with Doctors, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Probation Officers, Addiction Counsellors and even clergy, left me convinced that my state was not only hopeless because it was without definition, but that I was hopeless as an individual because it was me who was […]

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Behavioral Models

Psychological Models: A lot of people seem to conclude that their loved ones need a psychiatrist and/or clinical psychologist in order to have their addicted loved counselled back to normality. We respectfully disagree. So what is the difference between Addiction Counseling and Clinical Psychology? Traditionally, the main difference between counseling and clinical psychology is down to their perspectives and training. Bethesda Rehabilitation Centre fully understands the essential need for addressing psychological issues, […]

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