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A Vaccine Against Addiction: Miracle or Menace?

Imagine it, a world with no addiction – a world where you can roll up your sleeve, take an injection and not feel compelled to use a particular substance. This is what scientists have been working on for years. Gone are the days when vaccines were just for a handful of childhood diseases. Now researchers are trying to develop new vaccines for different kinds of addictions, heroin, cocaine and even nicotine for people who have tried and failed to quit smoking. and help them live longer.

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Triggers | Associations

What are Triggers? Triggers and associations are strong reminders of the past. For people in early recovery, a trigger or association can be the influencing factor which leads to a relapse. A few triggers are easier to see than others, for example, the bar you used to drink at is a blatant reminder of your drinking. Most triggers are a lot smaller but just as powerful. For example, that playlist […]

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Family Focus

MEETING THE FAMILY NEEDS From point of admission, clients are steered towards taking responsibility for the relational damages behind them and the financial chaos brought on by their addictive lifestyle. We assist each client to recognize the need for building an Amends Programme into their recovery plan. This includes what has to be a mutually agreeable, realistic, financial reimbursement outline for treatment expenses incurred by the family.   Marriages are […]

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Plettenberg Bay

Bethesda’s Home in Plettenberg Bay From the outset, it has to be emphasised that the entire team at Bethesda Addictions Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre has your freedom from addiction and your growth into recovery at the very heart of our aims and objectives for you. We would not lose one minute’s sleep if all you did was arrive at Bethesda and bury your head into the assignments and the counselling […]

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