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12 Step Fellowships and other Support Systems

12 Step fellowship and how it can help you If you understand the fundamental foundation of Step One “We admitted we were powerless over our addiction and that our lives had become unmanageable”, you will understand the need for a dedicated support system. The powerlessness they are referring to in Step One is your lack of willpower in and around substances, or your behavior, typical of a using addict that […]

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Transition from Treatment to Early Recovery

TRANSITION FROM TREATMENT TO EARLY RECOVERY PART ONE The majority of relapses happen within the first few months after leaving rehab; having a solid foundation is one thing, the other is having an understanding of transition. The aftercare process is vital and is being overlooked by many treatment centres. Below we will address some of the important dynamics that people in early recovery will face once they leave rehab. (Please […]

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Self Discipline

From Colin’s drug rehabilitation office: Coming out of an addiction and into a new normal happens in phases. We do not simply put the chemicals down and then find ourselves as a central figure in our perception of what normal really looks like. We come out of the fog of war and into a therapeutic environment, but at that point we are not in recovery, we are in treatment.

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Addiction Psychology

The ‘Psychology of Addiction’ & Addiction Treatment Are we diseased? Are we confused? Or is the confusion the disease? Addiction Psychology aims to help you understand the haunting “Why” behind the reason that you are looking at this website! Why do some people get addicted to alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, food etc and others don’t? Theories abound within the various disciplines of the scientific and the medical world and yet the […]

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