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Recovery Actions have Expiry Dates

Expiry Dates during recovery: Many people come through our treatment centre and believe that the work they put in here is enough and that the work they put in here is going to carry them for the rest of their lives. This is a dangerous myth and one that could lead many to relapse. Like the title states, Actions in recovery have expiry dates and what we mean by this […]

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A Vaccine Against Addiction: Miracle or Menace?

Imagine it, a world with no addiction – a world where you can roll up your sleeve, take an injection and not feel compelled to use a particular substance. This is what scientists have been working on for years. Gone are the days when vaccines were just for a handful of childhood diseases. Now researchers are trying to develop new vaccines for different kinds of addictions, heroin, cocaine and even nicotine for people who have tried and failed to quit smoking. and help them live longer.

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Transition from Treatment to Early Recovery

Transition from Treatment to Early Recovery Part One Majority of relapses happen within the first few months after leaving rehab, having a solid foundation is one thing, the other is having an understanding of transition. The aftercare process is vital and is being overlooked by many treatment centres. Below we will address some of the important dynamics that people in early recovery will face once they leave rehab. (Please note […]

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Do and Dont’s for Early Recovery

Do’s and Don’ts: Early Recovery DO – Ask for help from people you trust In Early Recovery this is probably the single most important piece of advice for someone who continues to struggle with drug or alcohol addiction. The reason such a person is struggling is because they are dealing with a problem all by themselves, and they are constantly battling with the fact that they cannot overcome their problem […]

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Maintaining Recovery in early recovery

If you want to maintain recovery and keep running strong, you need to take the same approach a mechanic would take when tuning up a car. But what should you do in order to maintain your recovery successfully? How can you react to the little signs of risk when they appear, and prevent larger damage? How can you cope with life after getting sober? In this article, we explain what […]

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Just How Bad Are Energy Drinks for Recovering People?

For those recovering from alcohol and drug addictions, the urge to find a fix seems to be never-ending. To replace their drug of choice, the recovering addict will find other means to soothe their minds and souls. A replacement “high” that has become common among recovering people is the use of energy drinks. Energy drinks’ combination of caffeine, vitamins, and herbs can provide the kick they need, and, it’s legal […]

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Exercise Addiction

Are you dependent on exercising (in an unhealthy way)? Regular Exercise Or Compulsion? Regular physical activity plays a crucial role in health maintenance and disease prevention. However, excessive exercise has the potential to have adverse effects on both physical and mental health. While the scholastic and empirical discussion of excessive physical activity focuses on obsessive and compulsive exercising…how can we everyday people recognize the symptoms of an exercise addiction? And […]

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Working the Program VS Living the Program

Understanding that doing step work and going through the questions doesn’t translate to living the program is an important part of this new found life that the steps offer. So often I’ve heard… “But I’ve done the steps”, “I don’t understand why my life hasn’t changed”. Here is how it works, the steps are a guide to the spiritual principals of the program. With each step comes a certain principal […]

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Early Recovery Demands April 20 2018| Ira Gnesin| 0 comments | Category : Family Help & Advice Early Recovery Demands There are a few “suggestions” for people in early recovery. I say suggestions in the same way that it’s a suggestion to pull the cord on a parachute when you jump out of a plane. The first thing to realise is that recovery has to come first. Recovery, recovery and […]

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