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Exercise Addiction

Are you dependent on exercising (in an unhealthy way)? Regular Exercise Or Compulsion? Regular physical activity plays a crucial role in health maintenance and disease prevention. However, excessive exercise has the potential to have adverse effects on both physical and mental health. While the scholastic and empirical discussion of excessive physical activity focuses on obsessive and compulsive exercising…how can we everyday people recognize the symptoms of an addiction? And once […]

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Cocaine Addiction

Side Effects of users cocaine has very serious effects, but not just on the person using the drug, the damages inevitably reach all the people close to user such as family, friends and employers. Three key aspects of cocaine consequences are: How the drug-use damages relationships with loved ones How the drug use eats its way into the economic security of family and business The inevitability of a dependency and […]

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A Look at Cross Addiction

By: Saul Selby Waking from a fitful sleep, Sandra couldn’t believer her eyes – or her head, for that matter. She had a pounding headache and felt nauseated, but that wasn’t the worst of it. As her blurred vision began to clear, she slowly started to realize where she was. The setting was familiar, but it wasn’t her bedroom. It was the country detox center. Feelings of anger, depression, and […]

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Cross Addiction

If you understand the fundamentals of addiction, you’ll understand that it was never about the drugs or alcohol or other self-destructive behaviours. What characterizes addiction is the obsessive and compulsive nature of the behaviour and also what happens when we do act out on that behaviour. We start a process that is exclusive to our condition, POWERLESSNESS. Powerlessness means that we lose control and our lives become unmanageable. Unmanageability can […]

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