If you choose to follow a 12 step program or any program with substance, you are going to have to come to terms with the fact that you are not in control.

Step One if fully accepted, lived and understood should leave you in a dark corner. Okay, so I’m not in control of my addiction. My obsessiveness and compulsion to use is larger and more powerful than I am. My decisions and choice making abilities are disabled when it comes to addiction. The addiction always wins.
So now what ? Step Two is what ! 
I need something greater and more powerful than I am to help me stay clean (sane). In my humble opinion, I can’t go onto Step Three unless I fully understand this concept. What am I going to hand my will and life over too? To a tree ? Or a coffee mug ? You might laugh but I’ve literally heard people say those things.
I need to get real about my understanding.

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