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Behavioral Models

Psychological Models: A lot of people seem to conclude that their loved ones need a psychiatrist and/or clinical psychologist in order to have their addicted loved counselled back to normality. We respectfully disagree. So what is the difference between Addiction Counseling and Clinical Psychology? Traditionally, the main difference between counseling and clinical psychology is down to their perspectives and training. Bethesda Rehabilitation Centre fully understands the essential need for addressing psychological issues, […]

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Addiction Psychology

The ‘Psychology of Addiction’ & Addiction Treatment  Are we diseased? Are we confused? Or is the confusion the disease? Addiction Psychology aims to help you understand the haunting “Why” behind the reason that you are looking at this website! Why do some people get addicted to alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, food etc and others don’t? Theories abound within the various disciplines of the scientific and the medical world and yet the […]

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12 Step Dangers

The Dangers of The Twelve Steps Since its conception in 1935 the approach of Alcoholics Anonymous has grown to become the most widely used organization for individuals seeking to recover from alcoholism (the reader must personalise and substitute Narcotics/Cocaine/Gamblers where applicable). Many facilities across the world have adopted the AA Philosophy and have been instrumental in assisting probably millions of suffering individuals, and their families in how to view themselves […]

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Parent: Email from grateful mom

Hi Colin, just to confirm that I will pay R***** into your bank account towards the end of the month to cover an additional two week’s stay for Mary – can you please supply me with your banking details? I am overwhelmed with your offer to let Lisa stay on for an additional two weeks after that, and cannot thank you enough. Again, if anyone asked me to recommend a […]

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Parent: Devon’s mom

Dear Colin and staff I am really thrilled to tell you that the guy I have in my home, is not the same one you knew. Whilst I am very aware that addiction can (and probably has) rear its ugly head again, I’ve taken a deep breath and decided to thank our blessings as Devin is not only studying Anatomy (as you know the word “study” was like an insult […]

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Cocaine Addiction

Is Cocaine Addictive? Dependency.net produced the following information as a guide to identification of a Cocaine Addiction: Cocaine is one of the most abused drugs in America, according to an eMedicine Health website article.Is cocaine addictive? Despite popular opinion to the contrary, yes, cocaine is highly addictive. While it may not cause the same kind of physical withdrawal symptoms as other drugs, it has powerful psychological addictive qualities. Cocaine has a […]

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Relationships in Early Recovery July 28 2015| Ira Gnesin| 0 comments | Category : Family Help & Advice Relationships in addiction become toxic and unproductive. Trust is gone, lying, stealing and cheating feature in the dynamics of the relationship and it leaves both or all parties angry and confused. From the loved ones perspective, the person using is slowly killing him/herself and regardless of what you’ve done and said, nothing makes a […]

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Drug Rehabilitation Centre

Bethesda Drug Rehabilitation Centre  Bethesda Addictions Treatment Centre: We are an exclusive, private yet affordable Drug Rehabilitation Centre situated in Plettenberg Bay on South Africa’s beautiful Garden Route. We provide a holistic drug rehab programme for people around the world who suffer from substance addiction. Our residential treatment programme incorporates proven helpful life lessons applicable to both our clients and their families. In this way, the addiction is treated and a stable […]

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