Sober Living House

The Sober Living House is a safe environment for continued recovery, under the guidance of psychologists and experts we further explore the necessary traits for long term recovery. We feel that for the best results a guided reintegration into society should take place.

Serenity Vitality Retreat

The retreats are hosted in the Belgian Ardennes. Clients arrive on Friday and leave on Sunday afternoon. There are approximately 28 hours of therapy. I have designed the groups to reach each level of the client, spiritual, physical and mental. I lead the retreats with the assistance of a gentleman, who is also a recovering addict. He is currently working as a yoga instructor and conscious revealer. He helps people work through the emotional pain as part of his practice.

The clients have everything provided for them from food to lodging.
All meals are specifically designed to enhance the experience. The actual schedule is designed by me and I do not give it to the clients until a few days before.  I don’t want them to overthink the experience.
We are currently working on an Empowerment Retreat.  This is using the courage to be sober, the strength to change and connection with your higher power to reclaim the power in your life.  These retreats are being offered to both addicts and families and from the family side, it is more about love and peace. In healing from addiction, we need to make peace with our past and that can be done through love which in itself is an endless source of power.