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Maintaining Recovery in early recovery

If you want to maintain recovery and keep running strong, you need to take the same approach a mechanic would take when tuning up a car. But what should you do in order to maintain your recovery successfully? How can you react to the little signs of risk when they appear, and prevent larger damage? How can you cope with life after getting sober? In this article, we explain what […]

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Am I part of the problem? How to stop enabling addiction Part of the problem with enabling is that the behaviors feel so much like help. Learn to identify three (3) enabling behaviors here. Then, we invite your questions or messages about how to quit enabling an addict at the end. How To Stop Enabling Addiction? No one who has a loved one with a substance abuse problem wants them to […]

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Conflict Styles and Consequences

Relationships in Recovery Here’s the dilemma; chemically problematic men and women don’t do well in ‘relationships’. An extremely high percentage of people who try to get clean and sober but then repeatedly find themselves relapsing, relapse because of relationship breakdowns and the subsequently overwhelming feelings of hurt, loss, and failure. For too many people, conflict in a relationships spells the end of the relationship. That’s one of the reasons why […]

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How to Choose a Rehab in South Africa?

What makes Bethesda more than just a rehab? Bethesda as an addiction rehabilitation centre is right up there with the best treatment centres in the country. The setting being Plettenberg Bay South Africa doesn’t take away from its appeal. Tucked away on the border of the Eastern Cape lies this quaint but spectacular town. Bethesda Addiction Rehabilitation Center has been running for over 10 years and has been leading the […]

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The Importance of Fellowship

Fellowship meetings were born through what I believe to be Divine Intervention. Bill Wilson was a chronic, bottom of the barrel alcoholic. Told by many professionals that he would drink himself to death and that he was of the variety of alcoholic that was incapable of ever giving up alcohol. Not satisfied with that ending diagnosis, he sought to find a way to stay sober. Bill W struggled with bouts […]

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Addiction Psychology

The ‘Psychology of Addiction’ & Addiction Treatment Are we diseased? Are we confused? Or is the confusion the disease? Addiction Psychology aims to help you understand the haunting “Why” behind the reason that you are looking at this website! Why do some people get addicted to alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, food etc and others don’t? Theories abound within the various disciplines of the scientific and the medical world and yet the […]

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