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Addiction as a Social Disease

Addiction is a Social Disease Stanton and Archie Brodsky wrote this piece in 1976 for the Addiction Research Foundation publication (now defunct), Addictions, which was subsequently reprinted by the recovery publishing house, Hazelden! Building on their approach in Love and Addiction, Stanton and Archie analyze how addiction, rather than being an aberration, grows from the well-springs of modern existence. Their views are in many ways prophetic of developments in the quarter […]

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Dealing with Addiction for Families

By Leigh Belz Three years ago, when Rachel* got her freshman dorm assignment in the mail, the New Jersey teen excitedly logged on to Facebook to look up her new college roommate, Eleanor*. “She definitely seemed like that perfect, blonde, athletic, popular girl,” says Rachel, now 20. But just a few weeks into their first semester, Eleanor, who had been recruited for the school’s soccer team, quit the sport when […]

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Parent: Devon’s mom

Dear Colin and staff I am really thrilled to tell you that the guy I have in my home, is not the same one you knew. Whilst I am very aware that addiction can (and probably has) rear its ugly head again, I’ve taken a deep breath and decided to thank our blessings as Devin is not only studying Anatomy (as you know the word “study” was like an insult […]

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Recovery isn’t just about stopping the using September 15 2017| Ira Gnesin| 0 comments | Category : Family Help & Advice Many people come into treatment and think this is recovery, if I could just stop using/drinking/acting out my life would be fine, it would go back to “normal”. Here’s the thing, what’s normal? Is normal that life you had before you started using/drinking? Is normal the way your life […]

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