By: Saul Selby

Waking from a fitful sleep, Sandra couldn’t believer her eyes – or her head, for that matter. She had a pounding headache and felt nauseated, but that wasn’t the worst of it. As her blurred vision began to clear, she slowly started to realize where she was. The setting was familiar, but it wasn’t her bedroom. It was the country detox center.

Feelings of anger, depression, and self-disgust flooded her. Not again, she thought. I swore to my husband and kids six months ago that I’d never drink again. How could this have happened ?

Why do people relapse? Why do people like Sandra who seem so sincere in their commitment to recovery go back to drinking and using? This question has puzzled thousands of members of Twelve Step and other recovery groups. While the reasons people relapse are not always clear, one reason frequently stands out: they didn’t understand cross-addiction.

This pamphlet’s purpose is to help the reader understand cross-addiction in order to attain balance in recovery and avoid a possible relapse.
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