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Cocaine Rehabilitation

Cocaine Rehabilitation Centre Cocaine Rehabilitation is a challenging process. The psychological addiction with Cocaine is very powerful, the user has a deep relationship with the drug because of the “pay off”. People often seem confident and powerful when using cocaine. The challenge we face at Bethesda is trying to see why people don’t feel confident and self assured without the drug and from there we have a starting point for change. […]

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Complacency/Self Sabotage

What is complacency? Complacency sounds like this, now that everything is better I can stop doing the things that made my life better in the first place. Like a person that suffers from depression, once they start taking anti-depressants they start feeling better. The depression lifts and they start thinking, well I’m not depressed anymore so do I still need to take these pills every day? What makes no sense […]

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