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Loretta’s Bethesda Experience

My experience and recovery through Bethesda I would wish to apportion with you my journey through addiction and my sobriety and peace found here in South Africa at Bethesda. I come from England and having been to several rehab clinics in Manchester, Scotland and London resulting in short bouts of sobriety with no genuine recovery, I remember blaming the clinics for not staying sober!  I did the geographical trying to […]

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My Bethesda Experience

I arrived at Bethesda with a front of false confidence, behind the smile was a broken soul. Doubt reigned over me, so many rehab admissions, and so many failures. The most asked question followed me around, “what’s going to be different this time”? The truth was I didn’t know. What I did know is that, my addiction was not only manifesting itself in drug abuse, it had taken on new […]

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Parent: Devon’s mom

Dear Colin and staff I am really thrilled to tell you that the guy I have in my home, is not the same one you knew. Whilst I am very aware that addiction can (and probably has) rear its ugly head again, I’ve taken a deep breath and decided to thank our blessings as Devin is not only studying Anatomy (as you know the word “study” was like an insult […]

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