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Normies React to the 12 Steps

By Juliet Abram 09/19/14 -sourced http://www.thefix.com/ Reactions to the 12 Steps: “I think admitting to having a problem in general is the right first step, but to admit powerlessness is unhealthy. .. I think admitting powerlessness is more harmful because it doesn’t help. Admitting that you want and need help is more useful after admittance.” Mara Wilson, former child co-star of Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire, insightfully wrote on her personal […]

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Am I Just an Occasional Heavy Drinker? Or A Real Alcoholic?

Am I an alcoholic? By Bill Manville 08/03/15  -sourced https://www.thefix.com/ My doctor asked me if I’m an alcoholic. I lied. Telling her the truth meant the end of fun. Speaking at a 12-step meeting a few weeks ago I mentioned that old AA standby—that addiction is the only disease that assures you that you’re doing fine. Have one more drink and you’ll feel even better. When it ended, a woman took […]

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