The Valley of Addiction Section One

Home Help Addiction Intervention

Welcome to the Valley of Addiction Home Help Addiction Intervention Program. Please work through each video module and complete the worksheet and bible study as you progress.

Section One consists of Three Video Modules and Corresponding Documents:

  1. Watch the video modules: Substance Use, Substance Abuse & Chemical Dependance
  2. Download the PDF Worksheet
  3. Download Bible Study Notes
  4. Listen to the Audio Lecture


Module One

Substance Use

Module Two

Substance Abuse

Module Three

Chemical Dependance

Audio Lecture

Because of the amount of help needed in our society in the fight against substance abuse, I am going to publish:

  • 12 Modules
  • 12 PDF Worksheets
  • 12 Addiction Related Audio lectures
  • 12 Corresponding Bible Studies

Here’s a taste of what’s to come in these life changing Modules:

  • Substance Users – Substance Abusers – Chemically Dependent
  • Parenting Styles – Preventative Parenting – Suggestions for Families
  • Levels of Transitional Conflict – Types of Conflict – Managing Conflict
  • Active Addiction – Addiction Awareness and Intervention – Phases of Development
  • Signs of Relapse – Personal Inventory – True Amends

And much more.

‘The Valley of Addiction’ Module 1 has cost my wife and I just over ZAR30 000 to personally produce.

Module 2 ‘Home Affairs’, where we will look at how we can actually predispose children to the dangers of substance abuse and/or how we can prevent it; is almost ready to publish.

I can only publish the ‘Home Affairs Module’ as and when funds have come in from Module 1 to supplement the expenses.

Please would you consider contributing to the production of this series of Home Help Addiction Intervention Modules?