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The Importance of Fellowship

Fellowship meetings were born through what I believe to be Divine Intervention. Bill Wilson was a chronic, bottom of the barrel alcoholic. Told by many professionals that he would drink himself to death and that he was of the variety of alcoholic that was incapable of ever giving up alcohol. Not satisfied with that ending diagnosis, he sought to find a way to stay sober. Bill W struggled with bouts […]

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Loretta’s Bethesda Experience

My experience and recovery through Bethesda I would wish to apportion with you my journey through addiction and my sobriety and peace found here in South Africa at Bethesda. I come from England and having been to several rehab clinics in Manchester, Scotland and London resulting in short bouts of sobriety with no genuine recovery, I remember blaming the clinics for not staying sober! I did the geographical trying to […]

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This Is Your Brain On Neuroscience

By Zachary Siegel 07/05/15 Addiction science and neuroscience will make your head spin. It’s not brain surgery Shutterstock It’s the age of what people are calling the “neuro-disciplines.” It all began with a now well-known branch of medicine called neurology, the study of the nervous system, whose first registered usewas in 1681. The Ancient Greek prefix has since attached to, well, just about every discipline under the sun: neurolaw, neuroengineering, […]

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