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Outgrowing Early Recovery

Out growing Early Recovery  I’m taken back into those first few months of early recovery, some fond memories, some hard battles. Some lost and some won, one thing was certain from the start, recovery needed to be more than just not using. I wanted a new life, I’ve so often heard people say, ‘I want my life to go back to normal’ the way it was before I started using. […]

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Recovery Actions have Expiry Dates

Many people come through our treatment centre and believe that the work they put in here is enough and that the work they put in here is going to carry them for the rest of their lives. This is a dangerous myth and one that could lead many to relapse. Like the title states, Actions in recovery have expiry dates and what we mean by this is that the last […]

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Principals of Adjustment

Principals of Adjustment Post-Treatment These are only a few of the Principals of Adjustment, the list and lessons we learn in recovery are plentiful. Please feel free to comment below on what you might have learnt in recovery. Allowing struggle There is myth in early recovery that if you are struggling you not in recovery or you going to relapse. Holding up a front that you are doing well when […]

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Do and Dont’s for Early Recovery

DO – Ask for help from people you trust In Early Recovery this is probably the single most important piece of advice for someone who continues to struggle with drug or alcohol addiction. The reason such a person is struggling is because they are dealing with a problem all by themselves, and they are constantly battling with the fact that they cannot overcome their problem alone. Many of us are […]

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Am I part of the problem? How to stop enabling addiction Part of the problem with enabling is that the behaviors feel so much like help. Learn to identify three (3) enabling behaviors here. Then, we invite your questions or messages about how to quit enabling an addict at the end. How To Stop Enabling Addiction? No one who has a loved one with a substance abuse problem wants them to […]

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Am I Just an Occasional Heavy Drinker? Or A Real Alcoholic?

By Bill Manville 08/03/15  -sourced http://www.thefix.com/ My doctor asked me if I’m an alcoholic. I lied. Telling her the truth meant the end of fun. Speaking at a 12-step meeting a few weeks ago I mentioned that old AA standby—that addiction is the only disease that assures you that you’re doing fine. Have one more drink and you’ll feel even better. When it ended, a woman took me aside. “Elaine” had […]

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Understanding Powerlessness

  In early recovery and through experience with the 12 Step fellowship, understanding the true meaning of powerlessness is vital to the process. When I realized that powerlessness was not only about the drugs and alcohol, I found a sense of freedom. I didn’t need to try control everything around me anymore, people, places and things would stay the same regardless of how hard I tried to change them. My […]

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Relationships in Early Recovery

Relationships in addiction become toxic and unproductive. Trust is gone, lying, stealing and cheating feature in the dynamics of the relationship and it leaves both or all parties angry and confused. From the loved ones perspective, the person using is slowly killing him/herself and regardless of what you’ve done and said, nothing makes a difference. Against all your advice and love, they don’t seem to want to listen. They repeat the same mistakes […]

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Plettenberg Bay

Bethesda’s Home in Plettenberg Bay From the outset it has to be emphasised that the entire team at Bethesda Addictions Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre has your freedom from addiction and your growth into recovery at the very centre of our aims and objectives for you. We would not lose one minutes sleep if all you did was arrive at Bethesda and bury your head in to the assignments and the counselling sessions […]

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