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Tik Rehabilitation Centre

Bethesda Addictions Treatment Centre offers individualized, personal and professional Tik treatment and Tik Rehabilitation. Crystal Methamphetamine, also known as Tik, is raging havoc across South Africa. Tik Rehabilitation is of the utmost importance at this epidemic stage. Finding accurate studies and research as to how big the drug problem is in South Africa is very hard to find but the problem ranges from the wealthy all the way down to the homeless. We suspect that the problem is far greater than anyone thinks. We offer Tik Rehabilitation in South Africa in an effort to fight back against this epidemic of abuse.

Overcoming Tik Addiction

The nature of the relationship between the user and the drug is a strong one. Tik is highly addictive, therefore Tik recovery is a hard process for the addict. Long term Tik therapy is a must and we suggest participation in a 12 step fellowship program. Staying away from old friends and old haunts are also strongly suggested because these associations with Tik are also very powerful, and can easily result in relapse. Other Tik users are also likely to encourage use. But through our program, support and dedication Tik recovery is definitely possible and can be achieved using the suggested steps. Get in touch with us regarding our Tik Rehabilitation Services.

Physical withdrawal can include

Despite the below symptoms, a life free of substance dependency and an improvement in your health overall is well worth the symptoms. Rehabilitation is the first step in saving your life. The symptoms of withdrawal can include:

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