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Established in 2005, The Bethesda Addiction Treatment Clinic in Plettenberg Bay South Africa, operated as an Internationally sought-after private clinic.

Once Covid-19 started to take its cultural toll in 2020, we chose to re-direct our realms of influence towards meeting the changing demands of Substance Disorders and the all-new Covid-19 related travel restrictions for people who still need what we have to offer.

During our 15-years operations as an addiction treatment clinic, we became part of a truly comprehensive database. We developed many relationships with highly reputable treatment facilities with every level of skill-base to meet the needs, and the financial capacities of every level of society.

The Bethesda Clinic quite naturally evolved into the Bethesda Retreat, a very comfortable Safe House for men and women in early recovery and/or who are coming out of a treatment clinic and may need a period of stability during the transition, hosted and supervised by owners and Co-founders, Colin & Deanna Garnett (BA Th. & BA LLB Respectively).

Not only have we very successfully cross-pollinated our private sector treatment programme into the atmosphere of Bethesda Retreat, in a continuum of care we have also made ourselves permanently and globally available as an Online Addiction Education and Recovery Development Programme through www.ehab.care

As a Recovery Development Programme for residents at Bethesda Retreat, in the build-up to returning home, we provide the opportunity for each resident to nourish their personal recovery development through an Online Diploma course in any of the following courses:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Addiction Psychology
  • Eating Disorders
  • Child Psychology​

These courses do not end with any level of qualification, they are purely for self-understanding and self-development within the mystery of addiction and the journey int freedom.

Once your loved one returns home from the Bethesda Retreat, our services continue into an Online Aftercare, Relapse Awareness, and Recovery Development Programme, including lectures and presentations for every member of the family.

Then, with our vast referral network of treatment centres, doctors, psychiatrists, counseling psychologists, clinical social workers, across the registered and non-profit facilities spectrum, we have also evolved into a highly trained, efficient, and deeply dedicated Referral and Case Management service guaranteeing to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Addiction Help

What we offer is experienced-based treatment referral service, with a three-fold service 

  • Assessment & Referral
  • Ongoing Case Management (Optional)
  • Family Skype Support (Optional)
  • Online After-care and Recovery Coaching

Your Referral and Case Management consultant will make an assessment and thoroughly establish each person’s needs before making an all-inclusive agreement upon and appropriate referral. 

Case management is where we will look after and help manage the whole process from beginning to end. 

Your Referral and Case Manager will establish and oversee a therapeutic alliance between you and the clinic of your choice by communicating and staying involved with the treatment centre for as long as we are needed.

Your Referral and Case Manager will:

  • Make it our duty to ensure that there are regular reports and updates. 
  • Support all ‘significant others’ through treatment the process  
  • Ensure all family members are involved in the journey out of the problem and into the solution.
  • Make sure family members get the opportunity to participate in the recovery process with an advice service regarding how to provide the treatment centre with the right information to help the treatment process. We do this with your involvement via background information and collateral damage letters.
  • Later in the process, we play our part in arranging and/or facilitating family preparation groups prior to your loved one returning home or going into an extended-care facility. 


For Addiction Treatment Referral and Case Management Services: john.drugfree@outlook.com

For Ehab.care Online Addiction Education & Family Empowerment: colin@ehab.care   

Addiction Help

The Bethesda Treatment Referral Links

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For The Addict

Support and Help For Eating Disorders

Recovery Space – Eating Disorder Recovery (South Africa)

Eating Disorder Hope, Online meetings (International)

Eating Disorder On-Line Support Groups (International)

Over Eaters Anonymous South Africa

http://www.oarecovery.com/     (Online)

For the Significant Others (Families, Siblings, Spouses, Co-Dependents)

Co-dependents Anonymous South Africa

Nar-Anon South Africa

Al-Anon South Africa

Tough Love South Africa

Domestic Abuse / Gender Based Violence

Other Resources

Biggest database or recovery shares on the internet

South Africans Against Drunk Driving

12 Step

Odontology 12-Step Recovery Media

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group

Lifeline South Africa

Suicide Prevention Hotlines

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