What makes Bethesda more than just a rehab?

Bethesda as an addiction rehabilitation centre is right up there with the best treatment centres in the country. The setting being Plettenberg Bay South Africa doesn’t take away from its appeal. Tucked away on the border of the Eastern Cape lies this quaint but spectacular town.

Bethesda Addiction Rehabilitation Center has been running for over 10 years and has been leading the way in addiction treatment. The founders Colin and Deanna Garnett are what make this place “more than a rehab”. Their loving and caring nature makes even the most unmanageable of clients comfortable and at ease to start this difficult process.
The team at Bethesda is more like a family than separate entities. Having all worked together for many years, clients can feel the cohesion and strength that comes from Eric (Program Manager) John (Senior Addictions Counsellor) Teresa (House Manager/ Chef) Megan (PA to CEO and MD).
The accommodation is as you’d expect from a facility of this standard. Each suite has a kitchenette, LCD Flat screen TV and DSTV. Each suite has a bathroom with granite finishes.

choosing the right rehab
Having a comfortable place to yourself is very important. “We believe that the sooner clients feel comfortable in this environment the sooner they will start to work on themselves”.
Bethesda’s program is a proven recipe. With over 45 years of personal recovery experience between the team, they know what works and what doesn’t.

The program is tailored for each client. Bethesda’s approach is multi-faceted. 12 step work, individual counselling and interactive group therapy are all part of the process.
Bethesda believes that the client must take responsibility for their recoveries by following the rules and doing what is expected of them while presiding at the facility.
The clients also engage in normal day to day activities like gym and beach walks. Part of the problem with other treatment centres is the “policing”. Being closed off from the world for months at a time, no TV, no books and no contact with outside world has proven to be challenging in primary treatment methods. “It’s just not a realistic environment for anyone to get well and to start dealing with the problems that arise when you leave said facility”.

Recovery is about learning new coping mechanisms and taking responsibility for your life. No-one can do recovery for you, no-one can make the right decisions for you.

Bethesda is currently changing the lives of many people on a daily basis. You can be part of that change.

Call today and allow us the benefit of assisting you.